US has given a wide berth to Pakistan as far as Pathankot terror attack is concerned, essentially saying that Islamabad can take its time to investigate the assault. US has suggested that Pakistan should be trusted with the investigation on their side.
US State Department has also stated that they want a thorough probe in the matter.
US Secretary of State John Kerry called Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif wherein he discussed Pathankot attack and also emphasised on the fact that Indo-Pak talks should continue.
Responding to this development, Congress leader Manish Tiwari said, “It means that US does not support India.  They are only concerned about what happened in the Western border of Pakistan.”
“US has realised that Pakistan is the culprit. Also, it is important for the government of India to nail the issue. If US has gone on record asking Pakistan to do a course correction, it is a clear indication that Pakistan is involved,” Tom Vadakkan, Congress Spokesperson added.
BJP Leader Nalin Kohli also commented on the issue and said, “United States and a number of countries are now increasingly getting worried about the situation related to terrorism. It’s global problem. India at a regional level has been facing it for many decades.” 

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