New Delhi: In yet another betrayal from Pakistan, at a time where pressures are mounting on the country to take action against the terrorists of the Pathankot attacks, Pakistan has gone on to deflect blame.
This time General Pervez Musharraf in an interview has said that India is overreacting to the Pathankot attacks. He thinks India is overreacting for all that has happened with seven of the Indian jawans being martyred in the attack.
“I don’t know. India pins blame on the very first day. Within 2two hours they say that they (terrorists) have come from Pakistan. I don’t know who has carried out the attack but I have said that India is not free of terror, or extremism,” Musharraf said.
He further went on to say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi only talks for showmanship and his attitude is not friendly.
Speaking on PM Modi’s surprise visit to Lahore Musharraf said, “This is more of a showmanship. I know what he has said in Afghanistan; he had been bad-mouthing Pakistan. What kind of an attitude is this? Because, on the substantial things, you are bad-mouthing us. And for showing off, you are coming here. I don’t place much importance to showmanship. I am more concerned about the substance in the talks, which is missing from that side.”
Defence expert RSN Singh when asked to comment on Musharraf’s verbal attack on India said that Musharraf still echoes Pakistan’s voice.
“A newspaper said that these are the excuses sorted out from Pakistan after every terrorist attack that India has jumped into conclusion too soon. They says they are not Pakistanis; where is the proof; it is an integral job done by RAW to defame Pakistan; they are non-state actors,” he said. 
RSN Singh while quoting an article from TOI, a leading daily, said that another excuse is that Pakistani’s give is that they are also a victim of terrorism. They say they are the front ally on the fight against terror, that Islam is a religion of peace, and that Pakistan will fight shoulder-to-shoulder with India against terrorism. “This is the practice of Pakistan,” added Singh.

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