Jakarta: Multiple explosions were heard in the Indonesian capital, with gunfire breaking out afterwards, BBC reported. The blasts hit a junction in the city close to the presidential palace and UN offices.

The explosions were also heard near Starbucks Cafe and outside Sarinah shopping centre. So far no terror organization has taken the responsibility for the attack.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo termed the attack as an act of terror and said that they won’t be defeated by such terror activities.

As per initial reports, at least four people were reported dead in 6-7 explosions that took place in the Indonesian capital. Locals were advised to stay indoors as the gunfire was still underway in the downtown. The entire area near the explosion site has been cordoned off.

The Indonesian cops have reported that there were around 10-14 gunmen who came on motorbikes. Also, a grenade was thrown at a police station, which killed one police officer. The US embassy in Jakarta have asked US citizens to avoid blast sites as the situation continues to unfold.  

Back in 2005, several blasts rocked the popular tourists resorts of Kuta and Jimbaran beach to the south of Bali.

(With inputs from IANS)