Kathmandu:Spanish-style bull fighting is set to come to Nepal at Taruka village in Nuwakot district that is all set to attract thousands of national and international tourists and visitors Friday.
Tarkua. located some 80 km north of Kathmandu, upholds the tradition of bull fighting on very Makar Sankranti in red clay where snorting bulls fight in billowing dust and dirt.
The oganizers of one of the most spectactular and rare events in Nepal say around 16 pairs of bull will fight and compete this year inviting over thousands of visitors including representative from various national and international media.
Strong and wel-built bulls continuously fight for an hour.
“I have not eaten that diet and food that I have been feeding my bull,” said Amar Bahadur Bhandrai, a bull-owner who is confident that his well-built black bull will win the title.
The organizers offer a special diet made of egg and a mix of various grains to the ready-to-fight-bulls on the day.
The owner of bull receives a hefty prize over the victory where as many farmers in the vicinity bring and prepare their bulls for the annual feast with lot of diet and healthy food.
Bullfighting in Taruka has gained popularity in the recent years as more people from outside the district are attending the event.
Samar Bahadur, one of the co-ordinators of the event, said until eight years ago, bullfighting matches were held in different parts of Nuwakot, but Taruka has become a major hub for the bullfighting these days.
“We receive more people every year. We want to turn it into a grand sporting event since this is the only place in the country where you can see bullfighting match,” he said.
Nawaraj Pandit, a local said, the annual festival has also become an excuse for many youths working outside the district and the country to return home.
“Most of us live in poverty here. A majority of the young population go to India and Gulf countries for jobs. They come back to celebrate this festival,” said Pandit, who himself had arrived from India recently for the festival.
Nepali bullfighting is believed to have been introduced in Taruka by Jaya Prithvi Bahadur Singh, a monarch of the ancient Bajhang Kingdom, more than 200 years ago.
Tourism entrepreneurs have been selling out packages for bull fighting and accommodation in the occasion. The organizers have insured of bulls that will take part in the contest, apart from the cash prizes that the winners will take home.

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