Beijing: A total of 583 chemical works were tallied during district security check in Binhai new area of China’s Tianjin municipality which will be closed or relocated.
These include 430 hazardous chemical factories, 89 companies transporting dangerous materials, 61 companies dealing with dangerous cargo at Tianjin Port and three firework warehouses, Xinhua reported.
A total of 85 enterprises working with hazardous chemicals in the area were closed or relocated after safety checks concluded.
Among the 85 enterprises on the “red” list, nine were corrected, 10 have worked out plans for relocation and the remaining 66 have signed a deal with the government to restructure, Xinhua reported.
On August 12, two explosions ripped through residences and a warehouse storing hazardous chemicals at Tianjin Port. The blast left 173 people dead which included 104 fire-fighters.
Tianjin Dongjiang Port Ruihai International Logistics is a privately held logistics company established in 2011. It handles hazardous chemicals within the Port of Tianjin, such as compressed air, flammable and corrosive substances, oxidizing agents and toxic chemicals.

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