Helsinki: Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila said on Sunday his plan to house a refugee family at his private property did not progress as originally expected. While things were on track initially, they haven’t progressed according to plan. 
Last September, Sipila pledged to give his second private residence, located in northern Finland, for use as a home for refugees. He said that this pledge is still valid, but the newcomers must wait, Xinhua reported. the process might take a while. 
His September pledge got international publicity at the time. Sipila told Finnish national radio Yle on Sunday that security specialists considered the vast publicity had created security issues.
Sipila did not specify what kind of security issues he meant, but there have been attacks on asylum seekers’ accommodations throughout Finland.
Not all local residents were pleased with Sipila’s initial decision. At the time, Sipila’s announcement was viewed by many as a gesture as well.

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