Anupam Kher claims to have recently been denied a Pakistan Visa and a controversy has risen around the statements he has made. The actor was supposed to visit the Karachi Literature Festival but was unable to do so as he claims that his Visa application was denied. What gave rise to the controversy was the fact that the Pakistan High Commision caught wind of this and released a statement saying that Kher did not apply for a Pakistan Visa at all.
The question has been raised that if the Visa was, in fact, denied, is it because of intolerance on part of the country, despite many Pakistani artists being welcomed into India. Ghulam Ali is one of these artists to recently visit India, putting on a concert in Kolkata. And while he did face some uproar in Maharashtra, the fact remains that India has been extending a hand of friendship to Pakistan by welcoming their artists into the country.
Anupam Kher believes Pakistan has much to explain about the situation. While the actor is known for having strong views on Pakistan and on Kashmir, that should not be grounds for the Pakistan government to deny him a Visa, considering government officials of Pakistan have not been denied Visas by the Indian government despite internal debate within the people over the extent to which India should be welcoming these people.
Throughout all of this, however, Pakistan High Commission is sticking to its statement that they never received a Visa application from Kher and that if he did apply for a Visa, he should present proof.