A revelation in the whereabouts of Dawood Ibrahim, India’s most-wanted fugitive till date, the United Kingdom today revealed the various addresses of the notorious underworld don. UK also disclosed the passports under which Dawood had disguised and concealed himself. Britain, for the first time today, admitted the existence of Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan. 
Britain’s updated list of financial sanctions against mob boss Dawood Ibrahim contains four addresses in Pakistan where he is believed to be in hiding. The latest consolidated list of financial sanctions imposed on Dawood and updated by the treasury office on January 27th mentioned various names under which Dawood Ibrahim has operated. 
According to the published list, four of Dawood’s locations in Pakistan have been pin-pointed out. The details of Dawood Ibrahim’s four passports issued by Pakistan is also included in the list along with his latest picture, travel papers of his wife Mehjabeen Shaikh, and the details of the passports of his entire family. 
The addresses of Dawood’s location in Pakistan were all situated in Karachi. Britain has officially admitted that the 1993 Mumbai blasts accused is still living in Pakistan. 
Since this revelation, India has suggested stricter sanctions against the Mumbai don, such as: 
*  Seizing of Dawood Ibrahim’s properties. 
*  Sealing all the bank accounts of the D-Company which is still believed to be covertly in operation in India. 
*  Freezing of all the share holdings of the D-Company. 
The addresses of Dawood’s hidings and his home in Karachi are: 
  • 37th, 30th Street Defence, Housing authority, Karachi (Dawood’s home) 
  • 29, Margalla Road, Karachi 
  • F 6/2, Street no 22, Karachi (Dawood’s safehouse)
  •  White House, Clifton, Karachi 
With this revelation comes the admission from the Pakistan parliamentary panel for External Affairs which advised the government not to actively support armed militant groups in the state. Pakistan has been repeatedly accused of holding to its womb a seething organisation of armed terrorist groups.