Following the attack on a Tanzanian woman in Bengaluru on Sunday, NewsX Foreign Affairs Editor Geeta Mohan spoke exclusively to Tanzanian envoy John W.H Kijazi today and asked as to what has the High Commission done in this matter. 
Tanzanian envoy Kijazi said that after learning about the Bengaluru incident he wrote to the government of India and requested that strict action be taken against the attackers. He has also asked that security be provided to all Tanzanian and African students in that locality or indeed throughout India.
On being asked whether it was a racist attack, the Tanzanian envoy said, “Why attack the Black students only…they were singled out since they were Black… so one cannot rule out the issue of racism. People should not be judged on the basis of their color, race or the country of their origin.”
“We are in touch with the students in Bengaluru and aware of things happening there. We have also requested the government to do whatever was possible for them,” Kijazi added.
Kijazi also mentioned that the MEA has enforced security in the area of the incident. “We have also asked the authorities to focus more on sensitization of the local Indians in that particular area.”
The Tanzanian envoy demanded that all those who were part of this incident should be fouled out and total security to their students should be guaranteed.
On January 31, a 21-year-old Tanzanian woman was beaten up, stripped, and paraded around naked by a rampaging mob in Bengaluru city. The incident occurred when a Sudanese man ran over a 35-year-old local woman.


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