Bengaluru: A group of African nationals today protested outside the Town Hall in Bengaluru against the assault and stripping of a Tanzanian student. The protesters demanded better policing and security for African students in the city. 
In the protest, the African students raised their voice against racial discrimination, saying there should be peaceful co-existence between the communities.
A member of the Association of African student in India said, “We have gathered here to express our concern against the attack on African students in India. We don’t feel safe as a student here and want the police to do their duty and protect our lives.” 
Protesters also demanded justice and chanted slogans saying they want peace. They also put up posters saying Africans are humans and not animals. 
However, the Tanzanian HC yesterday had said that he was satisfied with the Indian government’s response to this incident.
According to reports, a group of Nigerian students will also be protesting in Hyderabad after three Nigerian nationals were allegedly assaulted by a group of around 10 local Indian men.
The Hyderabad police has dismissed the incident and termed it as a minor brawl. Police has also filed the FIR against the unknown people. 

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