Seoul: Recent satellite imagery shows the arrival of tanker trucks at the launch pad of North Korea’s rocket site, indicating that the nation is forging ahead with a planned launch, the media reported on Saturday.
The imagery taken of Dongchang-ri site on Wednesday and Thursday showed the tanker trucks at the old fuel and oxidizer bunkers, a website that monitors North Korea said in a report on Friday, adding that the trucks’ presence more likely indicates the filling of tanks within the bunkers than the fueling of the rocket, The Korea Herald reported. 
“In the past, such activity has occurred one to two weeks prior to a launch event and would be consistent with North Korea’s announced launch window,” the website said.
North Korea has informed international organisations it will launch an earth observation satellite between February 8-25, confirming widespread concern it is readying for a banned long-range rocket launch just weeks after its fourth nuclear test.
Pyongyang has long argued its rocket launches are aimed at putting satellites into orbit, claiming it has the right to the peaceful use of space. 
But the country is banned from such launches under UN Security Council resolutions as it has been accused of using them as a cover for testing intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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