Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife Sara mistreated household staff, a labour court has found, in a case brought by a former caretaker.
The court accepted Meni Naftali’s claim that he had been insulted and verbally abused, and awarded him 170,000 shekels ($43,700) in compensation, BBC reported.
The ruling said Sara’s angry outbursts and demands created “abusive” conditions for employees.
Sara Netanyahu had called the claims lies, saying she was civil with staff.
The prime minister’s office did not offer any immediate comment on the ruling.
It has rejected past allegations of abuse against Sara as “evil, skewed gossip”.
An earlier case, where Sara was accused of being abusive towards a housekeeper, was settled out of court.
On th other front, the PM on Tuesday said that he had plans to encircle Israel with fences because the Mideast was filled with “wild beasts” that imperil the Jewish country.
The fence will be the latest “security fence” erected by Israel. In 2013, Israel completed the construction of a 240-km-long fence along its border with Egypt to stop African asylum seekers and militants.

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