A Pakistan court has accepted petition that seeks direction to the government to bring back the Kohinoor diamond from the English Queen Elizabeth-II, overruling the objection to the plea for the famed diamond. 
The plea was filed by Javed Iqbal Jaffry made Pakistan’s claim over the 105-carat gem on the basis that it was taken from the territory that became Pakistan in 1947. Pakistan claims that the diamond was stolen from Punjab territory of Pakistan and is the cultural heritage of people of Pakistan’s Punjab.
India has made continuous effort to bring back the Kohinoor to the country considering the fact that the diamond is an integral part of India’s history and culture.
The Kohinoor diamond was mined at the medieval times in Kollur mine Andhra Pradesh and was originally kept in a temple.
It changed many hands before the British illegally acquired it from the Maharaja of Lahore, Dalbir Singh in the year 1849. 


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