PARIS: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses UNESCO summit in Paris on the first day of his three-day visit to France. 

Here are the highlights of his speech:

• UN reforms need of the hour
• India values and cherishes its partnership to UNESCO
• Our collective goal is peaceful, prosperous future for the world
• We are part of global village
• We shall judge our progress not just by cold statistics of growth, but by the warm glow of belief and hope on human faces
• We have launched the most ambitious programme to provide skills to the youth in the remotest villages
• The programme to educate girl child in India is the closest to my heart
• Strength of a nation is determined by joined hands with every citizen
• We will defend and protect rights and liberty of every citizen
• Will ensure that faith, culture and religion will have an equal place
• The fault lines in our world are shifting from boundaries of nations to the streets of our cities
• UNESCO will always have a part to play in development, peace and security


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