New Delhi: India has asked the US not to give $860 million aide, including $265 million military hardware, to Pakistan saying all such aide go directly into anti-India activity.
Earlier this week, Obama administration proposed aide for Pakistan, which they said would help the country fight the terrorism. The Foreign Ministry said that the US ambassador to India was summoned yesterday to express displeasure over the issue, especially the sale of F-16 to Pakistan.
It is being said that the US would have been happy to sell the aircrafts to India, but since India is not buying them they have to find another place to sell them. The question is being raised as to what terms they are being sold on and whether it is a question whether or not they will be used against India. The US’s relationship with India is being brought into question now with the sale of F-16s to Pakistan being announced by America, as it is being seen as an indifference to India’s concerns.
It is being said that it is a prudent move on part of the Ministry to call upon the American ambassador and express their concerns. 
In response to media queries, a Pak spokesperson said, “We are surprised and disappointed at the Indian Government’s reaction. Their army and arsenal stock is much larger and they are the largest importer of defence equipment. As regards the F-16 sale, Pakistan and the United States closely cooperate in countering terrorism. US spokesperson clearly announced that the sale is to enhance precision strike capability.”


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