Beijing: China have given the green signal for exporting its domestically-developed J-10 fighter as the country looks to attract buyers at the Singapore Airshow, the media reported on Thursday.
A large-scale model of the FC-20, the export version of the J-10, is on display at the China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corp booth at the six-day Singapore Airshow 2016 that started on Tuesday.
It is an unspoken rule in China’s defence sector that weapons solely designed for the People’s Liberation Army are never displayed at foreign exhibitions, so the model’s appearance in Singapore carries a clear indication: that China now wants to promote the warplane in the international market.
The J-10 is a third-generation, multi-role combat aircraft designed and produced by Aviation Industry Corp of China. It features a canard delta wing design, a fly-by-wire flight control system and is regarded by military experts as one of the best fighter jets in the world.
First entering service as the J-10A with the PLA Air Force in 2004, the plane was de-classified in 2009 and by February 2014, the PLA Air Force and PLA Navy’s aviation units had at least 260 of the jets in operation.
The country has also developed at least two upgraded versions of the aircraft-the J-10B, which has started to be delivered to the PLA Air Force, and the J-10C that is still in the testing stage.

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