Kathmandu: International experts on Monday suggested that Nepal should promote and implement “Green economy” in the country to graduate from a Least Developed Countries (LDC) to a Developing Country.

Experts from China, Japan, India and Nepal believed that the implementation of Green Economy will provide a momentous opportunity for the country, which faced a devastating earthquake in 2015 with an economic loss of around $7 billion.

The experts were taking part in a two-day international seminar on Make Nepal Green that kicked off in Kathmandu on Monday, Xinhua reported.

“This seminar can bring out successful and practical solutions from the laureates of Alternative Nobel Prize for Green Economy based on the principles of sustainable development,” Monika Griefahn, a German politician and chairperson of Right Livelihood Award Foundation, told the seminar.

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Nepal has a target to graduate to the status of a developing country by 2022. Since the majority of the production resources are already available in Nepal, entrepreneurs in the seminar claimed that the implementation of Green Economy will undertake low costing.

Among different elements of the entire Green Economy, organic agriculture and renewable energy is regarded as fully suitable for this Himalayan country.

Huang Ming, founder of Hi-MIN solar in China said: “It is difficult for the developed countries to adopt new changes but the countries like Nepal have a good fortune for solar technology. It is practical and suitable for Nepal.”

At a time when solar energy in Nepal has the potential to generate up to 17 percent of the world’s entire consumption needs, Huang said the solar pathway can lead to a green economy with huge benefits for Nepal.

The two-day seminar is being organised by Support Activities for Poor Producers of Nepal (SAPPROS-Nepal) and Right Livelihood Award Foundation.

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