Tehran: Presidents of three countries namely Azerbaijan, Switzerland, and South Africa will visit Tehran in the next few days, the country’s foreign ministry announced on Monday.

Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev will visit Tehran on Tuesday. Switzerland’s President Johann Schneider-Ammann and South African President Jacob Zuma will also visit the capital on February 27 and 29 respectively, Press Tv quoted foreign ministry spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari as saying.

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Jaberi Ansari said the visits by the heads of state from the three continents of Africa, Asia, and Europe mark a new era in diplomatic relations between Iran and the countries.

He hoped that dialogue between Iran and the three presidents would serve the interests of Tehran and the three countries.

Iran has hosted several heads of the state recently after the US lifted the sanctions over the Islamic republic in a historic nuclear deal clutched by Iran and six world powers on July 14 in Vienna.