Missouri: With $10m in actual damages and $62m in punitive damages, Johnson & Johnson made headlines when a Missouri jury ruled in favour of a plaintiff who brought action on the basis of his mother passing away due to ovarian cancer caused by the company’s product. 
The plaintiff, named Jackie Fox from Birmingham, Alabama, filed the civil suit which was taken over by her son when she passed away in October 2015 after losing her battle with ovarian cancer, two years after she was diagnosed. 
Johnson & Johnson is one of the biggest producers of healthcare products in the world catering to both children and adults. The company, though accepted and used widely, has repeatedly received public ire for including ‘toxic’ ingredients in its products.  
In India, Johnson & Johnson caters to a wide range of healthcare products such as baby wipes, lotion, shampoo, cream, etc. 
The jury verdict followed a three-week trial where the civil suit, including more than 60 people, established in court the risks of chronically using this ‘hygienic’ talc which could have a direct link with cancer. The jury verdict came after five hours of deliberation.  

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