Washington: Even when US Senate Foreign Relations chairman Bob Corker wrote to John Kerry saying he couldn’t allow taxpayers’ money to fund the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan, the Obama administration that time had notified a deal involving of eight such fighter aircraft and now once again, the chorus is going on against United State’s aid to Pak. 
Rand Paul, US Senate tabled joint resolution on blocking f 16 jet as it cites Pakistan doublespeak role.2 of the US senators also spoke about f16 deal where McCain moved the senate foreign panel.  The senators saw Pak duplicitous assit terror in it and even noticed weapons being misused by them which led to the blocking of F-16 deal.
The Republicans are supporting joint resolution.
Now,   the question arise will the US heed their voices and will the deal affect US relation with India?
Not less than a month Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper had reported that a state department spokesman, Mark Toner, said at a news briefing that US weapon sales to Pakistan contributed to the fight against terrorism and promoted America’s foreign policy interests.
India, on its part, had issued a strongly worded statement disagreeing with the US stand that the sale would only contribute to fight terrorism and instead argued that it would be used against India. 

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