BERLIN: While addressing a community reception hosted by Indian ambassador in Berlin, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday night said, “India’s secularism is strong and will not shake.”

“India’s secularism is not so weak that it will be shaken because of language. Our self confidence should also not shake,” said PM Modi addressing Indian community, adding that India will set the agenda for the climate change summit in Paris this year.

Indians never believe in wasting nature’s resources and have always followed of reuse and recycle, said Modi, adding India worships ‘Mother Nature’.

“Reuse and recycle, we have been doing for years, but the world is using it now. But we never highlighted our aspects of reuse and recycle,” said Modi in Berlin.

“We pay respect to environment, call rivers mother, worship trees and nature. It is part of our culture and we should go the world with this,” Modi said.

I want to assure you that India will set the agenda for the climate change summit, the Prime Minister said to loud applause.

PM Modi also assured the Diaspora that the country will always be there for them and maintain its ties with the Diaspora.

(With IANS Inputs)

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