Pyongyang: Top leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un said that the only way to defend the nation’s sovereignty is to further strengthen nuclear forces in quality and to be prepared to deliver nuclear warheads at any time possible.

The leader made the remarks while guiding a test firing of newly developed multiple rocket launchers, Xinhua quoted the state media KCNA as saying on Friday.

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Kim said that as the enemies are planning to carry out the “beheading operation” that targets the DPRK leadership and the DPRK system, the DPRK will make the military corresponding measures in “preemptive manners”.

Kim said the prevailing situation when strategic and tactical weapons have been deployed to South Korea has proved North Korea’s foresight to choose to own nuclear weapons and try to strengthen nuclear power in all ways.

He instructed that the military should be ready to deliver the deployed nuclear warheads at any time for national defence.

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