Beirut: Palestinian refugees in north Lebanon Tripoli held a sit-in on Saturday to protest the continuing reduction in medical and educational services.

The services are supplied to the refugee camp of al-Beddawi by the United Nations Relief and Work Agency’s (UNRWA), which shrank due to lack of funds, Xinhua news agency reported.

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According to the National News Agency, the sit-in campaigners voiced to increase pressure on UNRWA to undo the reduction which “has turned our people into walking dead at the gates of hospitals”.

The new measures by UNRWA kicked off earlier this year and led to several protests in Palestinian refugee camps.

UNRWA decided to adapt its hospitalization support in Lebanon, so as to increase support for tertiary care and alleviate the burden of costly surgical operations.

In addition, a cost-sharing scheme for secondary care was introduced in line with positive international practice, according to UNRWA.

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