Beijing: China on Monday called for a fair and balanced execution of the UN resolution against North Korea, adding that the responsibility is not confined to Beijing.

“The UN Security Council resolution should be implemented by the whole international community and not just one country,” said Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei.

Hong made the remarks after being asked if the major responsibility lies with China since about 90 percent of the North Korea trade volume is from China, Xinhua news agency reported.

A resolution, which was unanimously adopted by the 15-country council on March 2, requires states to inspect all cargo going to and from North Korea.

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It imposes an asset freeze on all funds and other economic resources owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, by the North Korean government, if they are found to be associated with its nuclear or ballistic missile programmes or any other prohibited activity.

The talks, which involve China, North Korea, the US, South Korea, Russia and Japan, stalled in late 2008.

“The resolution aims to curb North Korea’s nuclear and missile plan without affecting the people’s livelihood and humanitarian needs,” Hong said.

“It also calls for the resumption of the six-party talks to ease the situation through political and diplomatic ways. This is the fundamental solution of the Korean nuclear issue,” he added.

The resolution, therefore, should be implemented in a comprehensive and balanced way without deliberately highlighting one aspect or neglecting others, he said.

The spokesperson reaffirmed that China will implement the resolution seriously and comprehensively.

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