Jakarta:  The carcass of a 16.2-metre-long sperm whale washed up on a beach in Indonesia’s Bali island on Monday morning.
The whale was discovered in Klungkung by local fisherman, EFE news reported.
Hundreds of visitors flocked to the beach to see the giant creature, with many taking photographs.
A few police officers guarded the carcass but the high tide meant that it could not yet be removed from the beach, witnesses said.
According to local media reports, police were coordinating with local authorities to devise a plan to move the whale.
Sperm whales are the world’s largest living toothed predator, and one of the deepest diving mammals.
Earlier on January, a gigantic Bryde’s whale which was already dead had washed ashore to the Juhu beach in Mumbai. 
Scientists claim various reasons for this washing ashore of whales and other aquatic mammals. Due to rising pollution levels in the sea, man-made sonars which affect the natural search-signal of the whales, and drastic changes in the ocean climate are some of the reasons these mammals are quickly dying. 

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