Washington: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and John Kasich scored major victories on Tuesday that significantly reshaped the U.S presidential race while a big loss in Florida impelled Marco Rubio to drop his White House bid.

Hillary took big steps toward the Democratic nomination by winning Florida and North Carolina. She stopped Bernie Sanders in his tracks in the industrial Midwest by taking up Ohio. The real estate tycoon Trump also won primaries in Illinois and North Carolina.

Meanwhile, The Republican Party, got closer to a historic contested convention after John Kasich, the Ohio governor, held his own state and deprived Trump of its 66 delegates.

Donald Trump, however, took all off Florida’s 99 delegates. That resounding win helped force Rubio out of the race after failing to win his own state and to unite the Republican establishment against Trump.

The drama is still unfolding in other key races between Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is locked in a tight battle for Missouri whereas Clinton is still hoping for a sweep of the remaining contests with votes still being counted in close races with Sanders in Missouri and Illinois.

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