Damascus: The Brussels terror attacks are a result of the wrong policies of the European Union, the Syrian foreign minister said on Tuesday, condemning the incident, state news agency SANA reported.

While “vehemently” condemning the bombings that rocked Brussels and killed at least 34 people and wounded over 170, Walid Muallem said the terrorist attacks in the European city was a result of the “wrong policies and capitalizing on the terror to achieve certain agendas”.

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The attacks in Brussels and Paris and elsewhere are reminders that terrorism has no boundaries, Muallem said, referring to its previous accusations against the West of supporting the insurgency in Syria.

The Syrian government repeatedly warned the backers of the rebels from the repercussions of the terrorist groups on Europe.

Meanwhile, the ministry urged the international community to exert all efforts to counter the threat of terror and stop the flow of support to the jihadi groups in Syria.

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