An image of a victim of Brussels terror attack has gone viral. Nidhi Chaphekar, a Jet Airways cabin crew member from Mumbai and a mother of two, is depicted in the viral image covered in dust with a shocked look on her face.

Two Jet Airways cabin crew members, Nidhi Chaphekar and Amit Motwani, were injured in the explosions at a Brussels airport on Tuesday morning.

The image of Nidhi that has gone viral has been shared by millions all over the globe with the hashtag #PrayForNidhi trending on social media.

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Nidhi’s husband, while speaking to the media had said that they were in touch with Jet Airways staff but had not received any update on her since Thursday morning. Nidhi’s brother-in-law, Nilesh Chaphekar, had said that she was on an in-flight management duty and had been working with Jet Airways for 20 years.