Beijing: In a tragic accident a toddler’s fingers got stuck in an escalator due to which six of her fingers had to be chopped off. The child was visiting a mall with her grandparents in Beijing, China.
The horrific accident was caught on camera. In the video the child is seen with her grandparents getting off the escalator but soon after that the child is again seen running towards the escalator. She lost her balance and fell with her hands resting on the escalator and in the process trapped her fingers.
The grandfather grabbed the toddler when she fell. He pulled her away from the escalator but her fingers got stuck and injured. The child was rushed to a hospital, where six of her injured fingers had to be chopped off.
In another escalator accident last year in China an escalator broke when a mother and her child were riding it. The mother saved the child by pushing him off the escalator but unfortunately she got stuck and died.

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