Hong Kong: The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China and several other agencies have reportedly announced plans to relocate over 2.49 million poor people during 2016.

According to reports, the aim behind this initiative is to fulfil the government’s target of lifting over 70 million people out of poverty by 2020.

Local authorities in 22 provinces and regions were asked to intensify efforts to achieve the target. NDRC has allocated 16 billion yuan (USD 2.5 billion) and several loans and funds have also been promised.

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The NDRC is China’s top economic planner and it has asked authorities in 22 provinces and regions to intensify efforts to achieve this target with the help of a fund allocation of 2.5 billion dollars released since March this year.

In China, according to Xinhua, at least 70 million people still live below the poverty line of 2,300 Yuan. Many of them are in harsh conditions, including without roads, water or power.