While India battles the second wave of the pandemic, there has been increasing pressure on China from many countries including the United Kingdom and the United States. For the second phase of the Covid origin probe as per a report published in the Chinese media, Global Times,  the presence of the widest range from India was allegedly detected among people in Guangzhou, which reportedly receives 90% of China’s inbound international arrivals, citing experts opinion that the variant strain from India, are more contagious and dangerous.

The Chinese stooge claimed that Guangzhou was already battered by six reported outbreaks and that the current resurgence in the province, allegedly had no longer transmission change. The alleged resurgence of Covid-19 cases has allegedly spread to other cities from Guangzhou. The panic reportedly began on May 21 as per the Global Times report where 20 patients were detected with the presence of the virus strains from India on conducting a nucleic acid test on 2.25 million people.

CCP government’s mouthpiece has blamed India even as the call for a fresh probe into the origin of COVID-19 and its links to China is growing louder. The former has now blamed India after the mutant virus strain from India was reportedly found in 26 people in Guangzhou.

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Guangzhou, already thronged by internal migrants, became an accidental experiment of multiculturism in China, as loose immigration rules and factories churned out cheap products, attracting many entrepreneurs from all over the world.