Washington: It seems that this year the mid-Atlantic primary is somewhat different from all other mid-Atlantic primaries. This year, New York hopped a week ahead of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and a couple of states of New England with its Democratic and Republican races. The answer has to do with the state politics, the DNC … and Passover.  

Donald trump has won the NY primary and Hillary has won the democratic primary.

It started in 2011, when the New York (NY) legislature passed a bill to move the next year’s primary to April. That piece of legislation expired in 2012 that meant the primary reverted back to the date set previously in state law, which violated national party rules so the legislature tried to set this year’s contest for April 26.

After cordially putting up with competition from less known Democrats, Hillary Clinton should have locked up the nomination weeks, if not months, ago. And, Donald Trump, who felled senators, governors, and fellow outsiders with simplicity, should have already seized the Republican crown.

Both front-runners have found themselves fending off the competition far too long for their taste. As the party conventions draw closer, they are banking on New York to bring order to the entropy of this U.S. primary race.

After days of intense focus from the presidential candidates for Trump and Clinton, both New Yorkers this race could be the end of weeks-long losing streaks that have encouraged their opponents. Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders racked up wins in Wisconsin and the West. Chatter about a contested Republican convention grew noisy, and Clinton’s lead has been continuously challenged by questions about how long Sanders could stay in the race.

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