New Delhi:  India’s acquisition of 36 Dassault Rafale fighter jets have not gone under a smooth procession. But the government seems to have finally come across a decisive milestone in this colossal military deal. 
In an image posted online on their official Twitter and Facebook page of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Modi government claimed that the Rafale deal had been finalised for $8.8 billion and had saved $3.2 billion in total from the negotiation. 
After 36 rounds of negotiation pertaining to the acquisition of each Dassault fighter jet, the French government seems to have made in $8.8 billion (Rs 59,000 approx) from India, the final seal to the deal. 
In the image, the BJP government claims that France-India negotiation had led to a savings of $3.2 billion (Rs 21,000 cr) from the $12 billion deal. 
“The deal to buy 36 state-of-the-art Rafale aircrafts from France at $12 billion was re-negotiated and finalised at $8.8 billion,” said the image. 
France has also signed a 10-year agreement with India pertaining to the maintenance of the Dassault Rafale fighter jets. 
Earlier, French president Francois Hollande on his visit to India had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) relating to this purchase.