New Delhi: A journalist recently asked the federal government to give her unreleased episodes of “Game of Thrones” after learning that President Barack Obama will receive early screeners of the upcoming season 6 of the TV show.

Vanessa Golembewski, features writer at the entertainment and lifestyle website Refinery29 has filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requesting that the leader of the free world share his advance screeners with the public.

She questioned why did Obama get these highly coveted assets while journalists, industry folk, and the occasional fan group have no choice but to wait.

“I decided this was a perfect opportunity to test the limits of the Freedom Of Information Act. If the president – and by extension, our government – is in possession of a file, surely that file is subject to my request to see it as a U.S. citizen. I know it’s a stretch,” wrote Golembewski.

The writer admitted she’d never filed an FOIA request before. Her request comes after HBO said it will not share screeners with journalists ahead of the April 24 season 6 launch.