Washington: Donald Trump, Republican presidential front runner has used fake Indian accent to mock a call center representative of India.

Side by side Trump even described India as a great place, affirming that he is not angry with Indian leaders.

Trump asserted that he called up his credit card company to find out whether their customer support is based in the US or overseas.

“Guess what, you’re talking to a person from India. How the hell does that work?” he told his supporters in Delaware.

“So I called up, under the guise I’m checking on my card, I said, ‘Where are you from?'” Trump said and then copied the response from the call center in a fake Indian accent.

“We are from India, “Trump imitated the response.  

“Oh great, that’s wonderful,” he said as he mocked to hang up the phone.

“India is great place. I am not upset with other leaders. I am upset with our leaders for being so stupid,” he said.

“I am not angry with China. I am not angry at Japan. I am not angry with Vietnam, India…all these countries.”

Trump mentions the fake call to India during his remarks on what he expressed as “crooked banking.”

He is leading in polls against his other primary rivals.

In his speech, Trump praised Delaware’s status as a tax shelter and condemned President Barack Obama for not using the term “radical Islamists” in the fight against terrorism.

“I want to run against crooked Hillary,” he said, restating that a Trump vs. Clinton race would bring the greatest turn out in the history of the American elections.

Showing his critic side he also dragged Indian-American South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who did not endorse him during the primary.

Delaware has altogether 16 delegates. Donald Trump has 845 delegates, followed by Ted Cruz (559) and John Kasich (148). 

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