All hail the Shaolin monk who has broken the World Record by sprinting almost 400 ft on water.

A one minute video shows Shi Liliang from Quanzhou Shaolin Temple, staggering 387 ft (118 metres) across a reservoir in China, by making six attempts against his previous record by a full 60 ft (18 metres).

The monks sprint over a bridge built of 1cm thick plywood planks strung together and floated on the surface of the water, while a rock is thrown on-top of the planks at the start of the video, showing the bridge can easily be submerged in Quanzhou city.

Liliang has been training in Qinggong since 2005 and attempted his first record in 2009, and managed 50ft (15 metres) and merely 45 seconds to cross the reservoir in the attempt which lived up to its expectation of breaking the record.