New Delhi: India and United States have unified to track the submarines in the Indian Ocean, military officials said. Both India and United States have decided to hold talks on anti-submarine warfare. This comes at a time when China has increased its undersea activities and is challenging India’s domination in the Indian Ocean. The move is believed to strengthen the ties between the two nations.

“These types of basic engagements will be the building blocks for an enduring Navy-to-Navy relationship that we hope will grow over time into a shared ASW capability,” a US official said.
New Delhi agreed last month to open up its military bases to the United States in exchange for access to weapons’ technology to help it narrow the gap with China. The joint exercises will be held in the northern Philippine Sea in June and concentrate on anti-submarine warfare, an Indian naval source said.    
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration has indicated interest in a flourishing relationship with the US amid China’s assertiveness in the Indian Ocean. Japan, a close ally to US, will also be a participant in the exercises.

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