SINGAPORE: Two Indian nationals have been tagged as heroes and applauded for saving a hanging toddler stuck between the rails on walls of a second floor apartment block in Singapore.

35-year-old S Shammugun Nathan and 24-year-old P Muthukumar were lauded by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) on Thursday for their brave effort to save the child.

The two Indian nationals work in the construction sector and were on a project in the Jurong East estate, a planning area of Singapore around the apartment block from where the child could be heard crying.

The duo was awarded the Public Spiritedness Award for their dealings in helping the toddler, SCDF said.

Nathan climbed up to a second floor unit to help the three-year-old whose head was trapped in between the rails of an external clothes drying rack outside the service yard.

SCDF informed of being alerted about the incident on Thursday and its rescue vehicle arriving at the spot within five minutes.

The toddler was already freed by the time the rescue vehicle of the SCDF arrived and the SCDF firefighters brought the girl to safety with a ladder.

Nathan is residing in Singapore for four years while Muthukumar is a part of the country for three years. 

“The toddler was playing with an iPad when it fell over and that is why she tried to climb out after it,” informed Muthukumar.

Receiving the award, the brave Indian expressed that he was extremely happy and hoped that more people would come out to take similar actions in such situations.

There was no visible injury to the toddler except some redness on the face and the parent at the scene refused to send her to a hospital, SCDF spokesperson was quoted as saying by a news channel.

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