Los Angeles: Hillary Clinton has thanked singer-actress Jennifer Lopez for her surprising “Ain’t your mama” video shout-out.

As the former US Secretary of State remains busy with the campaigning for the presidential election, she took out time to tweet to Lopez in response to her recently released “Ain’t your mama” video, reports people.com.

Lopez’s video shows her playing out some of women’s many roles throughout the recent decades including homemaker, secretary, factory worker, businesswoman and news reporter.

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Clinton wrote: “Thanks for this. Women are so much more than the roles they’ve been assigned. -H”

In the “Ain’t your mama” video, a sample of Clinton’s 1995 speech to the United Nations Fourth World Conference On Women is also used.

Prior to releasing her latest video, the 46-year-old mother-of-two posted a selfie in a white bikini asking fans if they were excited about the video. Lopez premiered the song last month on the finale of “American Idol”.

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