KATHMANDU: After a powerful earthquake measuring 7.9 on the richter scale on Saturday, Nepal has already suffered 13 aftershocks causing massive damage to life and property. The country is still living under the fear of more aftershocks that are expected to hit again.

More than 3, 200 are feared dead and over 5, 000 injured with death toll constantly increasing every minute. 

Nepal is currently going through water, electricity, food crisis and hospitals too run short of emergency supplies. 

While the mobile networks have yet not been resumed, here are the 24×7 emergency helpline numbers in Nepal:

• Police Control: 100

• Police emergency number: 4228435/4226853

• Metropolitan police range (Kathmandu): +977-1-4261945/ +977-1-4261790

• Metropolitan police range (Lalitpur): +977-1-5521207

• Metropolitan police range (Bhaktapur): +977-1-6614821

• Paropkar Ambulance service: +977-1-4260859

• Lalitpur Red Cross ambulance service: +977-1-5545666

• Bishal Bazaar Ambulance service: +977-1-4244121

• Red cross ambulance service: +977-1-4228094

In order to provide al help and information to the people at any given time, a control room has also been set up in Ministry of External Affairs.

24-hour Control Room Number: +91 11 2301 2113, +91 11 2301 4104 and +91 11 2301 7905.

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