KATHMANDU: German climber Jost Kobusch who was at a base camp at Mount Everest captured an avalanche coming down and covering him with snow on Saturday.

The video shows a noisy wall of snow and then suddenly everything is covered in white. The deadly silence at first and the screams inches the video forward. 

The mountaineers were apparently trying to use their common sense soon after the snow started crashing down. While the sound of ‘Stay together’ echoes loud, ‘Come under my jacket’ is what one person is heard telling his wheezing friend. “The ground is shaking”, is what another one said.

At least 19 people including a Google engineer Dan Fredinburg were killed and a large number of people were injured in the avalanche triggered by the massive earthquake that rocked Nepal on Saturday. 

While a part of the camp was buried deep down, the tents were blown away at a big distance.

Survivors described a cloud of rock and ice shattered their base camps. 

“It was a monstrous sound, like the demons had descended on the mountain,” a survivor was quoted by a news agency.

Hundreds of mountaineers from across the globe were at the Everest to commence the annual climbing season.

Several climbers were still stranded on the mountain when the aftershock triggered a series of avalanches.

According to an official estimation, more than 1, 000 climbers including 400 foreigners were at the base camp or on ascent to the peak when the earthquake struck.

One of the most powerful earthquakes in last 80 years rocked Nepal with 7.9 magnitude measured at the richter scale and killed more than 3, 200. The earthquake also left a major impact on India, China and Bangladesh.

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