London: British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that Brexit (Britain’s exit from the European Union) would jeopardise “peace and stability” in Europe, ahead of the forthcoming referendum on 23 June.
After the regional and municipal elections held on Thursday, several British politicians are now focused on defending their campaigns for the country to stay or leave the bloc in that poll.
Cameron said in a speech on Monday in favour of his country remaining within the 28-state bloc that Britain’s stay will contribute to the unity of the bloc.
“Can we be so sure that peace and stability on our continent are assured beyond any shadow of doubt? Is that a risk worth taking,” the prime minister asked.
“Proud as we are of our global reach and our global connections, Britain has also always been a European power, and we always will be,” the premier added.
In his speech, Cameron noted that isolation from the continent has never served this country well.
Many prominent figures in politics, including the former mayor of London conservative Boris Johnson, say that further integration within the euro area threatens British sovereignty and autonomy.

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