Kathmandu: The Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal, one of the major constituents of the Federal Alliance, alleged that the government blocked its cadres from joining the Kathmandu-centric protests.
FSF-N central member Yograj Limbu Banem said the police stopped thirty one buses travelling to Kathmandu in Thankot and Naubise along the Prithvi Highway.
“Our party strongly condemns the undemocratic style of the government,” quotes the statement issued by the party as saying.
Banem added that the protests would continue till the Constitution was rewritten.
Earlier in the day, the federal alliance or the Sanghiya Gathabandhan formed by the Madhesis and Janajati forces began their protests near Nepal’s Singha Durbar.
Traffic movement in the capital was affected due to the demonstration.
The Madhesi agitators protested at Hanumansthan and Maitighar Mandala, the southeastern and southwestern points outside Singha Darbar respectively.
The agitators have demanded rewriting of the Constitution to incorporate their rights.
The Tarai-centric and ethnicity-based parties protested against the proposed delineation of the federal units.
The alliance comprising of 27 political parties, including seven Madhesi forces, which have formed the Samyukta Loktantrik Madhesi Morcha (SLMM) had announced protest to exert pressure on the government to address their longstanding demands.
The disgruntled Madhesi parties demand redrawing provincial boundaries and amending some provisions of the Constitution.
Though Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli-led government called the Madhesi Morcha for talks about 35 times, no conclusion or agreement has been reached.
Rajendra Mahato, the leader of Terai Madhesh Democratic Party, criticized Prime Minister Oli-led government for not being serious to their demands.
“The government isn’t serious about our demands. Earlier, we presented 11 point demands. Now, it is extended to 26 points because of the government’s unwillingness and ignorance,” Mahato said.
“We interrupted the border supply for months to compel the government to complete our demands but it severely affected people’s daily life but the government remained abstained to complete our demands,” he added.
The Madhesi leader said that his people had no interest in hampering the life of general public but sought justice and equal rights for them.
The federal alliance, which has been demanding equal rights and autonomous state for marginalized groups besides rewriting of the Constitution, has vowed to ensure that the government fulfills their demands.
The government, which had faced criticism for using forces in Terai region last year, had this time ordered the security forces not to use force in the peaceful demonstration called by the alliance.
Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum leader Upendra Yadav, who was leading the protest in Maitighar Mandala near the Army Headquarter of Nepal, also demanded that the Constitution should be rewritten.
He claimed that last year’s Constitution is regressive.
“This Constitution is based on racist mentality and this protest is the result of people’s revolution against it. Until this Constitution is rewritten then this sort of revolution will continue and arise time and again. This sort of movement will last till the time when Madhesis, indigenous groups and other communities are given equal rights,” Yadav said.
“The suppression is imposed from a long period of time based on discrimination and focused on erasing their identity. The protest will continue until and unless these things are corrected,” he added.
The disgruntled Madhesi parties, who have about one hundred seats in the Legislature Parliament of Nepal, have raised objections to the promulgated Constitution.
The alliance, which has began a week-long protest in the capital, claimed to stage peaceful protests but threatened that it would turn violent if the government uses force and does not address their demands.

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