Washington: With the Democratic primary of the 2016 United States Election ‘trudging’ towards its penultimate decision on its presidential candidates, the questions are turning significantly crucial and politically sharper in its essence.
Accusations – stacking wearily upon each other every passing day – are just a tip of the iceberg for all probable presidential candidates. But one man in the US primary elections has emerged unscathed in this war of words and of steaming ‘tacos’—Bernie Sanders, a Democratic phenomenon who was considered an underdog until he made the Wall Street look like a group of unruly students, has emerged unscathed but unfortunately ignored by prominent US media companies.
The only time his campaign is ‘mistakenly’ referred to in their articles is when Bernie clinches a win; and come the next day, he is the ‘old guy’ who is bound to lose to Hillary Clinton. 
Bernie Sanders supporters have been termed repeatedly as a rowdy mob of young people who do not have any conception about who is truly leading the Democratic primary. But the same cannot be said for the Republican heavyweight Donald Trump, whose jingoistic campaign has witnessed fist-fights, racial abuses, and physical man-handling of journalists.  Yet the media has downplayed the future implications of such incidences, and has referred to these occurrences plainly as ‘clash’. Bernie Sanders supporters do not have that advantage, and it is appalling how within a system so accepting of undisclosed corruption, Bernie Sanders has maintained a clean slate. 
The Nevada Convention Chair Roberta Lange on Sunday night abruptly ended the convention with a controversial ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the Hillary and Bernie supporters gathered in the audience. Despite a raging protest from Bernie supporters who alleged that more than 50 delegates were denied chances by the officials citing lack of personal information, Lange orchestrated the crowd in Hillary’s favour. Whether or not the approval of those delegates would prove in a positive turn for the Vermont senator, the decision has been already taken—what people will subscribe to at the end of the day is a media unwary of this incidence. 
Hillary Clinton – a name synonymous with espionage pertaining to an illegal transformation of state files through a private Email server – professes to be the strongest contender against the real estate mogul Donald Trump. And with the media leaning closely to her side in this US presidential election, people are starting to overlook the havoc which Trump could bring upon Hillary Clinton concerning his contribution to her campaign, her decisions as a former Secretary of State, and secrets unrevealed as of now to the public eye. 
Amidst an environment silent about the clamour of the Bernie Sanders phenomenon, his supporters are trying their best to register their agitation—Bernie or Bust.  

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