New Delhi: Public Accounts Committee chairman K.V. Thomas on Tuesday met a five-member delegation of the Bhutan National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee.
Bhutanese PAC chairperson Pema Dakpa led the delegation, a Lok Sabha source said here.
Addressing the delegation, Thomas noted with appreciation that the PAC in Bhutan enjoys a constitutional status unlike in India. 
He also appreciated the dominance of opposition members in the PAC of Bhutan National Assembly and National Council. 
Another interesting fact of PAC of Bhutan is the holding of hearings in public. 
He also lauded the system of appointment of the Royal Audit Authority in Bhutan, where the King or Druk Gyalpo appoints from a list of eminent persons recommended jointly by the prime minister, Chief Justice of Bhutan, Speaker, Chairperson of National Council and Leader of the opposition.
The visiting delegation deeply appreciated the comparative analysis of the two PACs and the interaction saw good practices from both sides being shared. 
The visiting delegation evinced keen interest in the working of the PAC of Indian Parliament, the source said.

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