Buenos Aires: Master pizza chefs and almost 100 collaborators made an empanada (a stuffed meat pastry) of 80 metres long here to raise awareness about Down syndrome.
The cooking took place along the Avenida de Mayo, between the streets of Lima and Santiago del Estero, on Sunday to collect funds for Argentinean Down Syndrome Association, Xinhua news agency reported.
A number of organisations, including Buenos Aires’ Federation of Commerce and Industry and the municipal government, organised the day.
Diego Davila, one of the pizza chefs, said: “This is an event of solidarity to raise awareness among general society, including children, about Down syndrome.”
The giant empanada used over 350 kg of dough, 120 kg of cheese and 30kg of ham, taking four hours to cook. It was then divided into around 4,000 units, which were sold to the public.
For 30 pesos ($2.1), each buyer received two portions of empanada and a beverage.
“The empanada is a traditional Argentinean dish. It was brought over by the Spanish but has since been adapted with our ingredients,” Davila said.
The event also sought to encourage businesses to hire those with intellectual disability, as people suffering from Down syndrome are often discriminated against in the workplace, the organisers said.

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