Lahore: Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear programme, on Sunday made a statement  that could further strain relations between India and Pakistan. Khan said that nuclear-armed Pakistan can ‘target’ India in five minutes.
Addressing a gathering in Islamabad on the 18th anniversary of Pakistan’s first nuclear tests, Khan also said that Pakistan could have become a nuclear power as early as 1948 but President General Zia had opposed the move.  
Dr Qadeer said, “We were able and we had a plan to launch nuclear test in 1984, however, then President General Zia had opposed the move.”
However, the then president General Ziaul Haq had opposed the idea as it would have halt the international aid that Pakistan was receiving due to the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

On Saturday, Khan attended an occasion of Youm-i-Takbeer where he said “Without my services Pakistan would never have been the first Muslim nuclear nation. We were able to achieve the capability under very tough circumstances, but we did it.”


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