Seoul: North Korean propaganda website DPRK Today hailed Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, for his intention to withdraw American troops from the Korean peninsula, terming him as a ‘wise politician’ with ‘vision’.
“In my personal opinion, there are many positive aspects to Trump’s ‘inflammatory policies’,” wrote Han Yong Mook, a Chinese-North Korean scholar.
“If the US does not interfere in the affairs of the peninsula, the two Koreas will reconcile and cooperate,” Xinhua news agency cited the article as saying.
“The candidate whom Americans should select is not (Democratic candidate) Hillary Clinton, who seeks to apply the Iran-model to the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula, but Trump, who hopes for direct talks with us,” it said.
Throughout his campaign to secure the Republican Party’s nomination, Trump said he will hold talks with Pyongyang to put an end to its nuclear development programme and exert pressure on Beijing to make more efforts in the matter.
The US business tycoon has also suggested Washington withdraw its troops from South Korea unless Seoul assumes a greater share in the financial cost of the deployment.

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