New Delhi: In a shocking incident reported from Pakistan an 18-year-old girl was set on fire and was left to die for refusing a marriage proposal.

The deceased teenager was later identified as Maria Sadaqat Abbasi who was a school teacher. She was drenched in petrol and set alight by four men and then left to die.

As per the police, Maria Abbasi was babysitting her five-year-old sister in the small village of Davel, outside Murree in north-eastern Pakistan, at the time the incident took place.

“Maria was lying on the floor, with most of her body covered in burns; we had to carry her on a chair to the closest road to get her to an ambulance”, said one of her relative.

According to her family the attack was a direct result of her rejecting a marriage proposal.

The victim reportedly succumbed to her injuries while she was being taken to the hospital.

As per official reports, three people have been arrested in connection with the killing, and an arrest warrant is out for the fourth individual.


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