New Delhi: Chairman of US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Edward Royce, told reporters amidst Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘historic’ US visit that the United States will work to admit India into the NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) and will also cooperate with India in fighting terrorism together.

The US Congressmen said that he had visited Gujarat right after the 2001 Gujarat earthquake and had seen the then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi trying to organise things and bring order out of chaos. “I had long thought that PM Modi was leadership-oriented and I think it’s important that the Senate and House members listen to what he has to say,” Royce said.

On India’s admission into the NSG, Royce said that the United States “will work hard to do that.” He further stated the United States will “push hard” because the Government of India has explained to them that it was important.

Royce, who admitted to travelling to India many times, said that the terrorists behind the Pathankot attacks needed to be brought to justice. “If they are not going to be tried in Islamabad, these terrorists need to be taken to Hague and charged with crimes against humanity,” said Royce.

“We need to devise new methodololgies for being able to break the back of Haqqani network and other terrorist organisations. We need to close 600 Deobandi schools that exist in Pakistan. Money comes in from Gulf States and funds these particular schools. Out of those schools, young men come trained with radical ideology,” the US Congressmen said, stating the need for the international community to bring pressure to terrorist networks.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the US Congress on Wednesday. 

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